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No rust, no moth…Think Heaven “

IMG_4963“No rust, no moth….Think Heaven”

Either the dress looked too ravishing that i couldn’t resist its charm as displayed boldly on the mannequin at the boutique, or the shoe is in vogue and i have to be the chic , or my neighbor looked pretty in that pink lipstick and i feel i will look rather prettier in it or i simply can’t repeat the same outfit to that upcoming concert blah blah blah!… Oftentimes, I have purchased items i didn’t really need and spent money I didn’t have.

Come to think of it, what’s wrong with wearing the same attire to a different concert actually? And what’s the prize for competing with that neighbor or being up to date with trend anyway?

I have lived beyond my expense and I couldn’t attribute it to any thing tangible. I could have saved that money to secure a provident future. Sadly, for some of us, it’s only after the act we feel silly. We shouldn’t have bought it but we did and they aren’t refundable. That’s our loss. Sorry!

Too many times, the idea is to look gorgeous and have the glamorous life. We invest our funds into gadgets and garments.
Until I realized that the lifestyle was unscrupulous, it had done me more harm than good and I had to find a remedy to save me from the detriment.

It was there that I found real meaning to the scripture, ‘’Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal”. Matthew 6:19-20
I had to acknowledge the fact that I can’t have everything I desire in this life.

At a point, I had to shut my senses when I got to where em’ fancy stuff was displayed. I trained myself to live by my means and standards. Thank God for giving me the power to walk away from the world where I felt I could have it all.

As a matter of fact, our Christian walk cannot be complete if we resort to fixing our affections on earthly things. (Colossians 3:1) But rather, I pray God helps us to tune our minds to all the virtues that will aid us live lives worth the redemption through our Lord Jesus Christ.

May we never lose sight of the gospel while we still can so we can be caught up with Him when He shows up in His glory. Amen.

Signed: Jackie Hanson
(The Khayil Woman)

The writer, Jackie Hanson

The writer, Jackie Hanson


So You Think You Can Change Him?

Whoever you date should help you grow spiritually and not drag you deeper into sin.

Whoever you date should help you grow spiritually and not drag you deeper into sin.

Many young ladies in church today, for the fear of being lonely or single are ”dating” guys who do not share their values of purity. It’s been said that girls like bad boys and the meaning I derive from this, are boys who go to church alright but have not been saved and think that having sex before marriage is the coolest and latest trend. Purity is like dead news to their ears.

You may have fallen prey to this before where you won’t compromise on your purity yet because you wanted to be flattered by love and receive the affirmation of people like, “hey you know what’s up” or for them not to say you’re “chrife”, you get into a relationship with a boy who goes to church alright, his views on purity and yours are contrasting but you have hopes of changing him to buy into your idea forgetting that only God can change his mind.

To those of us who are not well rooted in the faith, this is a dangerous ground to tread. At the beginning of the relationship, he will assure you he won’t disturb you with sex here and there. You will be blinded by love to feel that hugging, kissing, fondling, fore play etc. are normal because physically, you are not having sexual intercourse and you think, that makes you pure. Hello! Being a virgin and being pure are two different things. Fine, you may be a virgin but your purity has been stained with the doing of all those things. Pray for forgiveness.

Now back to the reason why I’m writing this note. Agreeing to a guy who doesn’t believe your beliefs or shares your values is a deadly decision. He may have said he will change but not all those who go to the hospital are sick and so it is with all the people we see in church go because of Jesus. He may be fine and oh… ojacious too but watch out for wolves in sheep skin. You can’t change him only God can. Step aside and let God work on him without your love interruptions.
If you really love him like you say, simply step aside.

Of course there are those guys who think chastity is old fashioned and no amount of words will ever change their minds. They are not your nut to crack, leave them to God. Someone is cringing and saying that, the real dudes in church don’t look cool and they wear baggies and plenty chains allover in 2016 but the ‘bad guys” are the ones that know what’s up.
Ok! Be reminded, “Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?” 2 Corinthians 6:14  
Dear sister, being single is a phase that every happily married person once went through. If you think it sucks, then I’m sorry but you need it to prepare you for the next stage so it’s essential.
Don’t agree to date a guy with hopes that you can influence him to wait until marriage before sex. (ha! It’s even ridiculous to them)

Focus on you. Delight in doing what pleases God and in His own acceptable time, He will bring you someone who won’t bother you and drag you into sexual sin. If you rush and go ahead of Him confident that you can change this guy in question, you may not get out of the relationship as you went. Plus, whoever you date should help you grow spiritually and not drag you deeper into sin. It’s time to have a self-check! THE END!

Remain blessed. #EM16
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Signed:Jackie Hanson