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What Kind Of Virgin Are You?


Until I got saved, i simply didn’t want to have sex before marriage because i was scared, i wasn’t ready to be a teenage mother and I didn’t want to disappoint those who influenced my life especially my late mother.
I had no idea what it meant when the Bible says my body is the temple of God and that I needed to keep it holy.
I didn’t understand when it said sexual sin is the only kind that stains my body. I had heard all the mysteries about inhibiting different spirits in you when you sleep with people you aren’t married to. Yes it scared me but i still considered it as one of those old fairytales.

I was a virgin but a foolish one, I admit. At that time I was unwilling to do more to get saved. I felt that all i needed to make my future husband proud of me was to be a virgin. I hardly prayed or studied the word. In my mind, i was a virgin and that was all the guarantee.

Five of the 10 virgins who went out to meet the bride groom missed the moment because at the time the bridegroom arrived they had ran out of oil for their lamps.
Meanwhile, the remaining 5 carried excess oil ahead of the event so they didn’t miss the moment they had all been waiting for. (Matt 25) They went an extra mile to carry extra oil and that took them to the next level.

If you have plans of getting married oneday, keep this in mind that a successful marriage isn’t all about having a diamond ring and having beautiful photoshoots and romantic date nights. It requires a woman of substance who works hard behind the scenes to keep her home and her husband in good shape every good way she knows how.

Aside your eye liner and lipstick, what else are you bringing to the table? It’s not enough to be a virgin. Be one with a difference. The Proverbs 31 woman, our perfect example, girds herself with strength and gets ready for tomorrow.
We all ladies want successful men. Likewise men also want successful women. Do more for yourself in every aspect of your life to make your man proud of you and you shall be called blessed by your husband and children oneday.

Choose this day to become one of those wise virgins. It starts from now that you are still single. You have all the time to develop yourself spiritually, emotionally, academically etc….

Dear ladies, let us not only preserve our bodies but may we consecrate our bodies for God to dwell in us greatly.
Oneday, your husband should be proud of you not just because you were once a virgin but because you were a virgin who put her best foot forward to become a phenomenal wife.
In the meantime, permit me to ask. Are you you being a wise or foolish virgin?

Light and Love

Signed: Jackie Hanson
The Khayil Woman
God’s Cover Girl