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Extreme Makeover


Extreme Makeover is a symposium for the youth designed to ignite and stir up the mindset of God in young people for them to embrace and cling to who God says they are and not necessarily lower their standards to fit in the moulds of other people.
Simply, God values His children and we therefore donot need the affirmation of people to be all that we can ever be.

Why Should I Come❓🤔

✔Our seasoned speakers Rev Georgina Happy Crentsil aka Mama Happy, (Vice President of Doxa Ministries), Mrs Joesphine Ami-Narh (Head of Human Resource, Bank of Ghana), Ms Dela Mawutor (Founder of The Deborah Generation, UK) and Ms Ama Darkwah (Founder of Candid Acts Foundation,USA). They will speak on topics that will leave you totally inspired, motivated and empowered to be the phenomenal woman God created you be.

✔If you have a thirst/hunger for the presence of God to consume you, Extreme Makeover is the place to be in August.

✔An avenue where you can renew your vows to God to pursue Him in purity.

✔More….. at Extreme Makeover.

Extreme Makeover is powered by The Khayil Woman mov’t.

Watch this space for further detail.
Remain blessed.