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Self Check


God has someone special for you. The best thing is to wait for His appointed time to lead you to that special someone in His own timing.

If you discover how much worth you are to God, you don’t lower your standards to allowing any man at all have his way with you for NO REASON at all.

It is not ego, it is knowing who you are in God and living the life which is worthy of the price at which you were bought.

You are not any material that anyone can have, misuse and dump for the next item on their bill. Your worth is far more than rubies. That’s the reality, live it!

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God bless you.β˜ΊπŸ˜‡

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20160404070051794Truth is, most girls are attracted by fit guys with the abs, clean shaven beards, with a classy sense of fashion et al. It’s not wrong at all but it will be a big disaster if we use these things as yardsticks to find our life partners. The world’s best partners are the above mentioned but the godly standard to look out for is whether this “fresh” boy is SAVED. Can you imagine how gracious it would be to have a godly man with all the other goodies you want in a man?
The big deal of the matter here is who you choose to honour, God or this perverse world? If only you profess Christ and He lives in you, then let your affections be set on Christlike things. (Col 3:2)
God honours those that honour Him. Choose this day who you choose to honour. Cheers to making choices that conform to the image of Christ!

Light and Love,

Disclaimer: I am responsible for what I write on but you are responsible for how you understand it.