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Ishmael Must Go!


Letting go of someone we become fond of sometimes can be very difficult.
Liken it to Abraham’s story in Gen 17, Gen 21
God had promised Abraham he was going to establish his covenant by giving him a child. It then seemed a great idea for him when his wife, Sarah, suggested he laid down with her maid Haggai and bear a child. Indeed Haggai bore a child with Abraham called Ishmael. Ishmael wasn’t the promised seed, he was the permitted seed. The fact that God permitted Ishamel doesn’t mean that was His divine plan for Abraham.


God is faithful and his promise was definitely going to be true. After 13 years when Ishmael was born, God remained silent on Abraham as though He had forgotten about the promise but when the set time he promised was due, Sarah conceived and bore Isaac. Gen 21:3
Those silent years were years that God used to prepare Abraham and Sarah for the next move. God made a miracle out of his mess and mistake of yielding to Sarah’s suggestion of laying with Haggai.


Now Isaac is come and Ishmael has to go. Abraham found it difficult when Sarah sought that he casted Haggai and Ishmael away because Ishmael was his son also but he had to let go of Ishmael so not for him to interrupt Isaac’s inheritance. Gen 21:10-11


Ladies and gents, everything we have in our lives aren’t what God has purposed. We have permitted people in our lives and treated them as though they were permanent when they are meant to be temporal. We delay our destinies when we hold on to such things. Let’s learn to let to accept the doors that God shuts in our lives. God wants to use the negetivity to prepare us for the next dimension. The idea of letting go is to be able to embrace fully, the gifts God has for us out of our past.


God uses those silent years to train us for the next move. So that next time when He asks us to wait, we will learn to wait and trust in His promises. God is a God of second chance who will give us a lot more chances until we get it right.
When the set time is come, you won’t look like anything of your past. He will give you an Esther for a Vesta, you will marry a  Deborah and not a Delilah. Don’t settle. Let go of I5shmael and get ready to embrace your Isaac, he’s on his way!