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Broken Crayons Still Colour

Broken Crayons...

Broken Crayons…

Sometimes, I feel short of myself and feel as if I’m not good enough. I admire those who are in the sciences and other fields either than arts. I disqualify myself because I feel that those who are in science related fields are better humans than I am.

However, growing up, all I had ever wanted to be was a communicator. By all means, either through writing or broadcasting.
I look down on myself when I meet people who have other backgrounds but can at the same time can do what I do. Be it writing or public speaking etc…. It makes me think that I don’t measure up.

I often hear people say, “Broken Crayons Still Colour” but i have never taken the pain to really understand what they mean by that. Recently, i saw a friend’s picture with that statement as caption. It struck me and i thought about it.

I bet I’m not the only one who ever thinks I’m not good enough or don’t measure up. Like, I’m too broken and need to be perfect, which can never be.
It took me to look deeper into myself and embrace who I am, just who I am and all that I can be. I learned to stop comparing myself with others, it’s unwise.

Truth is, we all have something unique to offer to this world. To inspire, to motivate, to influence, to help, to build and to add colour where there is dusk. There is something we can do with the little we have.

Yesterday at I Choose to Choose, I learned that there is a purpose for each person and that purpose doesn’t disappear because we think we don’t measure up. Even if so, maybe that brokenness or cracked container is just what the world needs.

We all aren’t perfect and so I don’t like to be around people who pretend to be perfect or have it all together. We need to be real, quit the pretence. To keep colouring even when we’re broken, when we think we don’t measure up and give hope to those who need it.

So go out of your way and find a broken person today. Tell them they have something to offer the world, stir up that mindset in them. But if that broken person is you, you know what to do, keep colouring, let’s all keep colouring and we will together make a masterpiece. Every tiny piece of a broken crayon can colour .

So yes, i may not be be a neurologist or pharmacist but I have something in me this world needs and so do you!

Whenever you feel less of yourself, remember that “you are God’s masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus to do good works….”

Signed: Jackie Hanson
The Khayil Woman.

The Writer, Jackie Hanson

The Writer, Jackie Hanson