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“Ain’t There No Prayer Too Small – God Listens”


We all have that one friend we talk about everything with. Even if they can’t find remedies to our problems, we feel comfortable sharing it with them whether big or small.
That’s the kind of relationship that Jesus wants us to have with Him. He is that friend who is interested in every aspect of our lives and He’s more closer than we ever think.

Most times we only go to Him with the “major” needs we want like financial blessings, academic excellence, marital issues etc… Hardly do we go to Him to help us when the house chores keep piling up and we get exhausted even before we start.

Let us learn to take every little thing else to Him just as we do for the big needs. He cares and says we should cast all our burdens on Him, He’s more than ready to give us the grace and strength to carry on whenever we feel we are weak.
Let’s be intentional about telling Him about our hair that keeps breaking off and also committing our pens in His hands so they don’t stop writing during exams and of course keeping our heels from wearing off until we get back to our destinations to prevent embarrassment. God really listens…

Light and Love,

Signed: Jackie Hanson
The Khayil Woman