jackie hansonJackie Hanson, Founder of The Khayil Woman, (est Nov 2014), a movement that seeks to build a citadel of virtue for growing girls to becomeĀ  phenomenal and virtuous women.

Jackie considers today’s world a “sex-saturated” one where our culture is rapidly changing with worldly principles meant to debunk the godly precepts on Sex, Love and Relationships.

It’s heartbreaking to realize that some young girls become crippled by some experiences on their pursuitĀ  of love because they seek love in the wrong places and end up in the wrong relationships.

The Khayil Woman, inspired by God, exists to offer the tools (write ups, symposia, conference etc..) needed for her to become the phenomenal and virtuous woman God created her to be.

“Khayil” is a hebrew word which means Strength, Virtue…

Jackie is a Christian Writer, voice over artiste, Tv Presenter, Publicist at GospelTown Africa and for interminable urban gospel trio,Preachers.


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