Maids That Pray…

The story is told of a to-be bride who died a week before which doubles as her wedding and birthday. All of a sudden she started complaining of an unusual and uncomfortable feeling which eventually got her bedridden.

According to doctors diagnoses, cancer had eaten its way into one of her breasts and it needed to be gotten rid of.
However, anytime the scheduled date was due for the surgery, miraculously, the diagnosed cancer would have vanished. It took 3 different doctors to hit and miss on this issue. Eventually, she gave up the ghost. I bet the pain was unbearable.

Few months later after this lady’s demise, her to be maid of honor marries her late friend’s fiancé and gives birth to 2 children. How’s that??? I’ll spare you the details and leave it to you to make your own conclusions on how this story unfolds.

That brings me to the whole idea of the significance of “maids of honor or bridesmaids ” on your wedding day.
From what I gather and see, the maid of honor and bridesmaids pose as the bride’s eyes and see to the success of the ceremony and her support system respectively before and on the d-day.
They are normally supposed to be a trusted friend or a sister.

Our society places a lot of credence on marriage and so does God so you should count yourself blessed once you find a good man who is ready to walk you down the isle into forever. I believe that family and friends in your circle have a role to play in the success or failure of your marriage especially, once you give them the chance.

Dear to-be bride, know this, not everyone who smiles in your face and poses as your bff wants the best for you. So don’t just go choosing a bridesmaid because you can, let the Holy Spirit guide you every step of the way. Your bridesmaids are the people that surround you on your wedding day and sometimes get involved heavily in your wedding planning that’s if you choose to. In effect, what you choose shapes your support system.

Not all your friends or bridesmaids may be Christians but be sure that these ones wish you the best and pray for you incessantly. It’s the best gift they could ever give you.
So long as you keep your focus on Christ and you have enough spiritual support, I trust you will be fine. We see most people today investing a lot of energy into planning their wedding but little can be said of the real deal.

In a nutshell, the significance of your bridal team should be the kind that throw their weight behind you spiritually and use the opportunity to share the love of Christ in an intimate way. The women you have by your side on your wedding day should be the ones that slay because they pray! All the best!

Light and love,
The Khayil Woman


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