My All For His Utmost


Sometimes, our walk with God becomes unsteady. We  saturate ourselves doing religious things we consider ways of enhancing God’s kingdom and while at it, we totally forget the need to develop ourselves spiritually and stay in touch with God. We absolutely put on hold the former things we used to do that brought us fulfillment just because… We have quietly backslidden. We are far away yet we think we are closer. Anytime we feel this way, it’s a call to return back to perform the purpose for which we were created and that makes life worth living.

As far as we remain on earth, these trials are bound to come our way. What makes the difference is our ability to stop doing our own stuff and get back to doing our father’s business.

We cannot know God because we are surrounded by godly people or doing religious things. Neither can we know God by wearing the cross around our necks. Having a relationship with God means more than being in church 24/7. God deserves better attention than a polished Bible opened only on Sundays. We need an intimate connection with God. Suprisingly, we find ourselves busy yet busy for nothing. Salvation doesn’t end right there after we walk up to the altar and surrender. It’s a daily act which must be done with fear and trembling. (Phil 2:12) We need to know Him on a personal basis and that comes from staying always in touch with Him reading His word, meditating on the word, and communicating with Him through prayers constantly.

Don’t be robbed of purpose doing things that doesn’t bring you fulfillment. We can be doing things fully committed to but without passion. God created everyone uniquely to perform unique things in the world and every talent God blessed us according to the purpose He has for each person’s life. Don’t close your eyes and hope that things will get done. You have to get up and work it out. No one can do perfectly what God has said YOU would do. You are the right person for the job. Make up your mind and go back and continue from where you left off. God isn’t through speaking; he needs us to get ready!

It’s time to get rid of every activity that has stolen our time and energy. Everything we need to get things done is at our disposal but how can we reach them when we are busily going about our daily rituals? God wants to bless us indeed. He wants us to experience Him in an extra ordinary way. His promises are on the verge of manifesting in our lives, he needs us to get ready to receive. He needs us to reposition ourselves very well to fit in in the position he has prepared for us.

“Every day altogether with God and everything is fine. Get away from him and everything falls apart. Where would you rather be?”
Signed: Jackie Hanson
(The Khayil Woman)


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