Extreme Makeover


Make up enthusiasts say, that make up enhances a lady’s beauty and boosts her confidence. Yes, because as a lady, there’s something inside me that says ‘I have to look beautiful’ and it’s so fascinating how mere brushes, lipsticks and common powder can help you achieve a desired look.

In this picture, I had been made up by an amazing makeup artist to go interview Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee. I looked in the mirror and was so amazed at the finished look. Like girl! I don’t look like this on a normal day lol
You know the wonder that sums up on your face when you see the “before and after” photos of some of the images makeup artistes share on their social media platforms. There are some that startles you and make you gawk then you go like “herh! This is an extreeeeme makeover”.

I thought about this, if mere brushes and common powder can make a lady feel confident and so pretty, ever imagined what a touch of God’s hands will do to her if she goes to God, her creator, and allows herself to be made over? You may have seen posters of Extreme Makeover 2016 and wondered how it came about, here you go. “Extreme Makeover 2016 is an all-girl symposium designed to gather young ladies, have speakers who will speak on topics that will stir up the mindset of God in them to accept themselves for who God created them to be and not necessarily lower their standards to fit in the moulds of other people.”  

I invite you to the maiden edition of this life changing encounter with God. Especially if you live in Tema and its environs, don’t miss this. God made us and He will fix us.
Date: 20th August, 2106 Time: 1:00pm Venue: The Apostolic Church-Ghana (Upper Room) Comm 5, Tema There will be nuisc ministrations by Preachers, Spoken Word performance by Adobea and free face beat for first 10 girls by Alpha Cosmetics.  

Extreme Makeover – “Be all that you can be”
Signed: Jackie Hanson
The khayil Woman


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