Extreme Makeover 2016

Extreme Makeover. Girls Symposium This August Coming Soon

Extreme Makeover. Girls Symposium This August Coming Soon

Like sheep we’ve gone astray,
We were desperate to fall in love with a person that we miss out on falling in love with the one whose love is unconditional and unfailing,

We wanted someone’s love to drown us
We wanted their love to make us feel better about ourselves

We’ve gone every mile for them,
To the extent of giving them our Father’s temple,
They couldn’t even appreciate it
They misused and mishandled us
They left us broken as if beyond repair

Bring your brokeness, I’ll bring mine
Your emptiness, I’ll bring mine
Come as you are, I’ll come just as I am

Let’s go to God, He’s ready to meet us face to face
He’s ready to fill our voids
He knows exactly where to touch to satisfy our hunger

Let’s go with our brokeness
He’s willing to heal our wounds, erase our scars and change our hearts for His dwelling
He will set us on a new journey and we won’t grow weary of walking with Him
He will empower us with strength

You’re not messed up beyond repair
God will make you over
He is the best make up artist ready to give you an Extreme Makeover

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Extreme Makeover is powered by The Khayil Woman


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