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Put A Pra

Put A Pra

So, i had to go through the pain of “broken heart” before i got saved. It was after that rough time i saw the need to retrace my steps to Jesus for Him to touch me and heal my bruises. Anytime i look at that scar, it reminds me of who i was, who i am and where i’m going now.Anyway…back to why i’m writing this to you.

When i got dumped, I was so pained that until the dude apologised, which he never did, I wished for every bad thing to happen to him to get him crawling back to me. I wanted to see him dragged into the mud i was in so he would know and feel what it is to get dirty.
I wanted Karma to deal him an unfair hand. Oh yes! I waited and watched days turn into months and subsequently a year and some months without hearing the worst case scenario happen. I was stalking him on social media and anyway i knew how. Pathetic huh? I pray it never happens to you.

I was too hurt to see light in the situation.
Today I look back on the past and smile. I hear God tell me clearly that, “you had to go through that phase to become who you are today”.
I had to go through all that mess in order to get the inspiration of building a citadel of virtue for young girls to abstain sex before marriage and also to become virtuous and phenomenal women.

Every situation, good, bad and even the ugly work together for your good. Rom 8:28. All the circumstances that have occured and will occur have been carefully structured to take place to give you a testimony for tommorrow. You could be the next person inspiring generations and healing nations. It’s a process.

Would you put on your garment of praise and give God some praise for taking you through it all?
I pray God opens our eyes to see and thank Him for whatever that He allows to come our way. He will make a miracle out of the mess.
Give thanks in season and out of season, that’s the will of God. 1 Thess 5:18

If you don’t remember anything at all i have said in this note, please don’t forget that… “All things work together for the good of those who love God according to His purpose” Rom 8:28.
Whatever the situation, it will end in praise and you will give God the glory.

Light and Love,
Signed: Jackie Hanson
The Khayil Woman


28 thoughts on “Put A Praise On It”

  1. I can relate, no matter where who we are or where we are from his grace finds us and brings us closer to the real love. Our father.
    Thanks for sharing your story . #inspiration

  2. Indeed, God takes us through certain situations usually difficult ones to make us better. Not better for ourselves only but mostly to be a testimony to others.

    Thanks Jackie for the inspiration. Indeed, we would put a praise on it every time.

  3. I woke up with anger and disappointments in my heart…someone I tried to help stabbed me hard in the back. …until I read your post…you really are a great inspiration dear….I know now that no matter what…my praises will surely go up…Thanks sister bestieโ˜บ

  4. Comment: Wow. May we never loose our praise. I can totally relate with the broken heart issue. But a few months down the lane, i see that God had the best plans. We may not always understand His ways. But remember, He has u in mind and is cooking something delicious for u. Best thing about God, there are no if’s in His plan. We only have to have the patience to wait for the meal to be well cooked, and praise Him while we wait. God bless u Jackie.

    1. You see…but how were you supposed to know in those times you were pained? In all things…
      Thanks for sharing this powerful testimony. All the best. Cheers to waiting on His acceptable time!

  5. Love this piece , can relate as well ……although we going through tough times now, I can raise my heap up looking up to a brighter tomorrow . Thanks JH ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Love it

    My lady I was thinking of settling wit in a few yrs time broke up wit me last week cos I told her to further her education to university , was hurt and have been waiting for karma to take its action but as at now ,I’m letting go cos of these post

    1. Wow!! But advicing her to go to school shouldn’t be a big deal? Well thank God for this you never know what she would have turned into later on in marriage. Sorry for the pain, i pray you revive soon.

  7. God’s not dead. But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. So many similar lines i have. Was just disappointed by a close relation but i know God’s got me. His plans for us are just perfect.

  8. Indeed,all things are working together for our good! Jackie, you are such an inspiration. God bless you for this wonderful piece…I really needed it.

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