Building Godly Friendships


Dating is a beautiful thing. For ladies like myself who love attention, it’s lovely to have someone (not relative) who calls to check up on you in between hours, visits you unawares, texts you beautiful goodmorning and goodnight messages, go out together on dates, take long walks together hand in hand or even be together doing nothing is enough.
Do i miss all that? *scratches head* well yeah…
I’m i paying attention to my emotions? NO!

Some ladies feel frightened that if they don’t quickly accept that guy’s propsal and become his girlfriend even when she knows the guy is not born again and is in just to use her, she still wants to grab now and satisfy her fleshy desires. That’s foolishness.
Others also feel that if they don’t grab now, they may never get another opportunity and end up lonely. That’s unwise!
It shows that we don’t trust God’s timing and that if He says He’s a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, it’s indeed true.

Mom and dad didn’t get married that same day they met at the resturant. Of course, they went through a process we have nicely termed “Dating”.
Well i don’t see anything wrong with being friends with someone i intend to marry.
Growing in the knowledge of Christ steadily, i find it awkward to say “I am dating Nii”. Once dating is mentioned, according to the online dictionary, it means that I am “sexually or romantically attracted” to Nii. Meanwhile, that is not what i mean. If I’m with Nii with hopes of getting married, it shouldn’t be based on sexual feelings. Rather, it should be based on love amongst other godly principles for marriage.
“Love isn’t sex, Sex isn’t love. What’s love got to do with it? Everything!” Love ispatient enough for Nii and I to mutually agree to stay PURE and consider ourselves friends and not necessarily CLAIM eachother as boyfriend or girlfriend.
Today, when boyfriend and girlfriend come together, what do they do? Often times, they hold hands affectionately, hug romantically, kiss passionately, and because one thing leads to the other, they end up in bed sexually.

Gentleman, that girl you’ve been eyeing for sometime now, you will ruin your future and hers if you go lure her to become your girlfriend so you can lay with her and you think you’re the real guy? No! You have only allowed yourself to be used by the devil.
Real men build godly friendships, wait in holiness, pray with and for the sister  to grow spiritually in the wisdom of God.
By so doing, you step aside for God to mould her into a virtuous woman as a wife for you.

Dear sister, don’t use your “woman power” as a bait to drag the brother into sin.  You like him, fine. He needs your prayers and support not seductive clothes. Allow God to make him a husband for you. Give God the chance to prepare him without your love distractions so that he can become the best husband in the world for you.
If it requires that you cut ties with him by not calling or texting him regularly, do so.

Relax! Build godly friendships! Have faith in God to lead you to someone in hisperfect timing. Ask God to strip you off every feeling of anxiety.
“God wants us to have the best things in life not few hasty minutes of pleasure spent in a hotel with guilty conscience. ”
Don’t follow the world, it’s empty and has nothing to offer. Please God and not man, that’s the real deal!
God help us all.

Signed: Jackie Hanson
(The Khayil Woman)


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