No Empty Dream


Those early morning mathematics and mental exercises way back
in primary school were complete turn offs for me. Pathetically, I will hide my
tiny self behind the front row seaters so the tutor won’t see me and even ask
me to solve some equations. I couldn’t stand the booing by my classmates once I failed. In fact, anything that involved calculation was too difficult to comprehend but definitely not 1+1. The feeling was galling!
I have always been one of the strong advocates who wish that Arithmetic is
abolished from the system somehow.

The euphoria however when time was up for English lesson was too awful for words. The loud wail of the siren that alerts pupils for change of subject especially when it was ENGLISH was quietly soothing. I will silently
say a prayer of gratitude to God for the ransom. Whew! Nothing compared!
In all aspects of the subject, I was
simply good! Now when time came for my mates to write letters to their pen-pals, they remembered they had a witty Jackie somewhere who could virtually translate all their feelings into words. Ironically, some of them were those who jeered. It wasn’t for free anyway. (Smirked)

Unlike other children who had a wide variety of dreams as they grew, mine was to become a Journalist or nothing below that. My mom helped the cause greatly. She inculcated in me
the habit of reading. I read anything from “Amazing to Zilch”!

As I grew, I couldn’t wait to become an ace in my chosen
field. I had some icons in the industry I looked up to like, really. Some recalcitrant felt they could take advantage but I didn’t let my guard down by the grace of God, I conquered!

My first time I heard myself on radio, it was a commercial I had made. Hahaha… you can never imagine the glee. Chills run through my spine and I felt so proud of myself. I was aboard a trotro. There and then, I wanted to exclaim ‘‘Hey you all, listen, that’s me on radio”. Lol. Well, burst your bubble, I didn’t. I felt fulfilled. The dream is become a reality, I thought to myself. I still work relentlessly to see its

I may not have been to the best schools or attained the highest feat in education. I may not come from an affluent home, but I possess
something unique that money can’t afford. That’s talent! Are you using your talent wisely?

Dreams are good and they really do come true. What’s your dream? Factor God into the equation for his plans for you are of good and not evil.
Don’t waver my friend. Strive hard;
go the extra mile and soon you will attain all your wildest dreams.

Light and Love,
Signed:Jackie Hanson
The Khayil Woman


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