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Extreme Makeover


Make up enthusiasts say, that make up enhances a lady’s beauty and boosts her confidence. Yes, because as a lady, there’s something inside me that says ‘I have to look beautiful’ and it’s so fascinating how mere brushes, lipsticks and common powder can help you achieve a desired look.

In this picture, I had been made up by an amazing makeup artist to go interview Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee. I looked in the mirror and was so amazed at the finished look. Like girl! I don’t look like this on a normal day lol
You know the wonder that sums up on your face when you see the “before and after” photos of some of the images makeup artistes share on their social media platforms. There are some that startles you and make you gawk then you go like “herh! This is an extreeeeme makeover”.

I thought about this, if mere brushes and common powder can make a lady feel confident and so pretty, ever imagined what a touch of God’s hands will do to her if she goes to God, her creator, and allows herself to be made over? You may have seen posters of Extreme Makeover 2016 and wondered how it came about, here you go. “Extreme Makeover 2016 is an all-girl symposium designed to gather young ladies, have speakers who will speak on topics that will stir up the mindset of God in them to accept themselves for who God created them to be and not necessarily lower their standards to fit in the moulds of other people.”  

I invite you to the maiden edition of this life changing encounter with God. Especially if you live in Tema and its environs, don’t miss this. God made us and He will fix us.
Date: 20th August, 2106 Time: 1:00pm Venue: The Apostolic Church-Ghana (Upper Room) Comm 5, Tema There will be nuisc ministrations by Preachers, Spoken Word performance by Adobea and free face beat for first 10 girls by Alpha Cosmetics.  

Extreme Makeover – “Be all that you can be”
Signed: Jackie Hanson
The khayil Woman


Jackie Hanson – 11 Things I’ve Learned

Sometimes, I miss childhood. Life was simply simple! Too many times I have questioned myself what this life is all about. A lot to learn, a lot to endure and a lot to tolerate. The next minute I’m caught up reminiscing my life through and through all the varied experiences of my 23 years on planet earth. It has been a basket of fruits, some sweet, bitter, sour, bitter-sweet etc…..

I took time to write down 11 things that I have learned. Have a meaningful read… 

1.If I don’t plan how I want my day to be, people will force me to fit into theirs helping them achieve their goals while I will be left empty, totally.

2.Every decision I make will determine what will become of me in the future. 

3.Mama’s demise and absence is no excuse for me to live recklessly.

4.God listens when I pray. Makes me want to pray more and more.

5.God is the best match maker. I trust Him.

6.My relationship with God needs to be fortified before I decide to let a man in. Until then, I will always suffer heartbreaks.

7.Never to wait for anyone. When they are ready and are able to catch up…cool. Until then, keep moving.

8. God won’t do for me what He’s already given me the power to do.

9.I can’t make everyone feel the way I want them to. If they do, it’s wonderful. If they don’t, although hard, I have to live the reality.

10. I have learned to follow God’s wisdom to lead me to the right person in His own timing. 

11.Not every battle must I fight with my strength neither must I utter every word in defense. Sometimes, they have to win.

 I have learned a lot but these are the ones that tell stories on their own. Learning makes life easier.
The ultimate thing I’ve learnt is that, life without Jesus is no life at all.

Dear reader, whatever life you’re living…I hope you learn. I wish you a lifetime of grace.

Signed: Jackie Hanson
The Khayil Woman


Recuperation Process


Screenshot_2015-07-13-08-04-01-1Break up is never a pleasant thing to experience. Dealing with having to completely forget about a “sweet heart” and how to overcome the hurt after break up is even more devastating especially when you still love the person and can’t let go.

Whatever they said  was the reason to dump you like “i’m sorry,it’s not you,it’s me” “i don’t want you to get hurt…(but you’re hurting me anyway) “i need some space” ….blah! symbolises that they are done with you and are/have moved on.

In instances where your high expectations aren’t met,you’re left crest fallen and disappointed. The feeling is galling!Screenshot_2015-07-12-22-39-49-1

Must you still stay in the tunnel hoping he comes back to ignite the flame again? I’m sorry dear but some dreams donot come true. You got to rise up and shake the misery off at once. Here are some few nuggets i pray will be helpful.

1.Return To Your First Love:
Maybe your relationship wasn’t Christ centered so you invested some valuable time doing ungodly things to please your patner that you found little or no time for God. Now he’s gone and left you without a shoulder to cry on. Truth is,your first love, God, has been and is still patient waiting for you to return to be comforted by Him. Go back to Him in prayer for forgiveness. He will forgive and heal your bruises without a scar and give you hope.

2.Have Time For God:       Already you have spent enough time away from God seeking love that rendered you broken. Staying indoors crying over spilt milk won’t bring him back. Get busy working for God with your talent. You’ll experience a great feeling of joy as you keep doing what pleases Him. In fact,it’s a great thing to serve the Lord.

3.Stay Beautiful:         Most times girls especially, allow themselves for the breakup to have its toll on them. So obvious that one wouldn’t struggle to tell that she’s suffering a heart break. She leaves herself unappealing and virtually puts no effort to look good. You don’t want to give that guy reason to believe that you can’t live without him when actually you are better off without him.

Telling the world how broken you are by your appearance won’t majically join the pieces together. Add a touch to yourself and while at it, let your inner beauty glitter.

4.Let Go:                   Times will come when you will miss them but clearly this other person has managed to cut all ties with you. They don’t call or text and you want to tell them you miss them? That’s unwise! If they can keep their distance, why not you too? It’s not ego. It’s accepting the fact that sometimes in life you can’t have everything you wish to have”

5.Give Love A Chance:I think it’s awkward to conclude that you won’t love again. The fact that the former didn’t work out doesn’t mean the latter is bound to fail. Sometimes, such bitter experiences are meant to take us through the mill to prepare us for the future.

You may consider the failed relationship as God’s ways of delivering you from further harm, don’t be hard on yourself. By giving love another chance, it shows that you trust God and believe that He will honour you if you honour Him in His perfect time.

Open up and smile back at your potentials, you could be missing out on a great spouse God is working out for you…just because? Give love a chance, you need some affection in your life!

Recuperation is a process! I wish you well as you go through healing. Hope it ends well with you.Recuperation Process

Love and Light,
Signed: Jackie Hanson
The Khayil Woman